Metadata description

General Information
Quantity Information
database_key Unique identifier of the simulation, with nomenclature: Evolution_Code:Index:Resolution
simulation_name Internal identifier for the simulation. Notation: EOS_massA_massB_spinA_spinB_initGW_resolution
reference_bibkeys Inspire bibtex key for the publication corresponding to the simulation; to be cited if simulation is used during your analysis
simulation_type Short description of the kind of simulation, e.g., GRHD= General Relativistic Hydrodynamics Simulation, GRLES = General Relativistic Large Eddy Simulation GRMHD = General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics Simulation
Initial Configurations
id_code Code employed to compute the initial condition; options: SGRID or LORENE
id_type Method used for describing the velocity field; options: Irrotational, CRV
id_mass Total mass of the system
id_rest_mass Total baryonic mass of the system
id_mass_ratio Mass ratio of the system
id_ADM_mass Total ADM-mass of the system
id_ADM_angularmomentum Total ADM-angular momentum mass of the system
id_gw_frequency_Hz Initial GW frequency of the (2,2)-mode stated in Hz
id_gw_frequency_Momega22 Initial dimensionless GW frequency of the (2,2)-mode
id_eos Employed EOS
id_kappa2T Tidal coupling constatant as defined in, e.g., Eq.(1) of Phys.Rev.Lett. 112 (2014) 201101
id_Lambda Dimensionfull tidal deformability of the system, see e.g. Eq(1) of Phys.Rev.Lett. 119 (2017) no.16, 161101
id_eccentricity Eccentricity of the system. Small eccentricities are measured from the proper distance oscillations between the two stars, large eccentricities are given by a 3PN expression; see Phys.Rev. D92 (2015) no.12, 124007 for details see
id_mass_starA Gravitational mass of the star A
id_rest_mass_starA Baryonic mass of the star A
id_spin_starA Dimensionfull spin of star A given componentwise (x,y,z)
id_LoveNum_kell_starA Love numbers for star A given l=2,3,4
id_Lambdaell_starA Tidal deformability of star A given l=2,3,4
id_mass_starB Gravitational mass of the star B
id_rest_mass_starB Baryonic mass of the star B
id_spin_starB Dimensionless spin of star B given componentwise (x,y,z)
id_LoveNum_kell_starB Love numbers for star B given l=2,3,4
id_Lambdaell_starB Tidal deformability of star B given l=2,3,4
Dynamical Evolution
evolution_code Code employed to evolve the system; options: BAM or THC
grid_refinement_levels Total number of refinement levels
grid_refinement_levels_moving Number of adaptively moved refinement levels following the motion of the two stars
grid_refinement_levels_npoints Number of points in the fixed refinement levels
grid_refinement_levels_moving_npoints Number of points in the moving refinement boxes
grid_spacing_min Minimal gridspacing in the refinement level covering each neutron star
grid_symmetries Employed grid symmetry: full (full 3D grid), bitant (reflection symmetry accross orbital plane), quadrant (as bitant and pi-rotation symmetry along z-axis
grid_shells_radial_npoints Number of radial points in the multi-patch shells (if employed)
grid_shells_angular_npoints Number of angular points in the multi-patch shells (if employed)
grid_conservative_amr Evolution with activated correction step during the Berger-Oliger time stepping to enforce mass conservation; see Phys.Rev. D91 (2015) no.12, 124041 for details
metric_scheme Evolution system employed for the spacetime variables; BSSNOK or Z4c
metric_boundary_conditions Employed boundary condition at physical boundary; Sommerfeld boundary condition (radiative) or constraint preserving boundary condition (background); see Phys.Rev. D83 (2011) 024025 for details
hydro_flux Scheme for flux computation; Local Lax-Friedrichs (LLF), Roe flux, Harten-Lax-van Leer-Contact (HLLE)
hydro_reconstruction High-resolution shock capturing flux limiter; see Phys.Rev. D94 (2016) no.6, 064062 , Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 437 (2014) L46-L50 , Phys.Rev. D85 (2012) 104030 for details
hydro_atmosphere_level Atmosphere level for the barotropic atmosphere; see e.g. Phys.Rev. D91 (2015) no.12, 124041 for details
hydro_atmosphere_factor Atmosphere factor multiplied to the atmosphere level to set all densities below the treshold to atmosphere, see e.g. Phys.Rev. D91 (2015) no.12, 124041 for details.
number_of_orbits Estimated number of orbits
evolution_mol_scheme Evolution scheme for time evolution.
eos_evolution_Gamma_thermal Gamma value for thermal ideal gas component added to the zero-tempterature barotropic EOS.