kiloHertz gravitational waves from binary neutron star remnants

In 1908.11418 we develop an analytical time-domain waveform model, labelled as NRPM, for postmerger signals informed by numerical relativity simulations. The model completes effective-one-body waveforms for quasi-circular nonspinning binaries in the kiloHertz regime. We show that a template-based analysis can detect postmerger signals with a minimal signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) of 8, corresponding to GW170817-like events for third-generation interferometers. Using Bayesian model selection and the complete inspiral-merger-postmerger waveform model it is possible to infer whether the merger outcome is a prompt collapse to a black hole or a remnant star. Furthermore, we demonstrate the feasibility of inferring the stiffness of the equation of state at extreme densities using the quasiuniversal relations deduced from numerical-relativity simulations.

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