Terms of Use

CoRe data are provided with no guarantee of correctness. We stress that the interpretation of simulation data might be difficult also for experts due to the complexity of the simulations. Please cite the requested references when using the data in your publications.

Gravitational-wave data

In case any data are used in publications, we expect you to reference to the webpage http://www.computational-relativity.org, to the database paper and to the references listed in the metadata field reference_bibkeys, see metadata info.

For errorbars determination we encourage you take a look at some of many papers discussing the waveforms’ error budget, e.g. Bernuzzi et al (2011), Radice et al (2013) and Bernuzzi&Dietrich (2016), and follow the procedure presented there.

Hybrid waveforms have been computed in Reetika et al (2018) by sticking together NR and TEOBResumS. Please cite both papers if you use them.